30 Minute Weekly Radio Broadcast
 Reach Souls Around The Globe!

Global Broadcast ... push your message out to the world and reach souls around the globe!

  • Your message will be aired once a week for 3-6 months to build your audience
  • Your ministry info pushed to Twitter each time it airs
  • Your airtime and broadcast days are promoted between other broadcast to let others know about it
  • Your ministry broadcast is promoted visually on the site to help promote it

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It's Easy To Get Started!

Step 1

Gather together 12 or more ready to air recordings. Pick an air date and time.

Step 2

Lock in your day and time slot by making a purchase right now!

Step 3

Mail or email your ready to air programs to us and tune in!

Get Your Weekly 30 Minute Radio Broadcast Slot For Only $27.45/Month!

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